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October 12 - 14


College of Doctoral Studies

Center for
Leadership Studies &
Organizational Research

Research through the lens of business and organization

Dr. Rodney Luster, Chair
Dr. Erik Bean, Assoc. Chair

About the center

The Center for Leadership Studies and Organizational Research (CLSOR) regards the spectrum of business and organization as all encompassing, where the potentials of scholar practitioner engagement intersect with industry dynamics to uncover the possibilities that emerge with research applied.

Rodney Luster, Ph.D., LPC

Research Chair

Rodney Luster, Ph.D., LPC

Dr. Rodney Luster has been with the University since 2012. Rodney Luster is the Senior Director of Research Strategy, Innovation and Development for the Research Center Enterprise (RSE) within the College of Doctoral Studies

Assoc Research Chair

Erik Bean, Ed.D

Dr. Erik Bean has provided leadership within the University of Phoenix network for more than 20 years serving various roles from associate faculty to department chair to chairing dissertations. 

To be recognized through the pursuits and outcomes of scholarly research in leadership and organization as the most trusted provider of career-relevant research concerning the practitioner doctorate degree in higher education for advancing the professional life of working adults.

Scholarly leadership is defined as a transformative relationship among experienced and aspiring Scholar/Practitioner/Leaders who intend, through the production and application of research, to advance their professional life and the community of scholarship.

  • We believe that planning, preparing, and producing effective and efficient research studies are demonstrations of scholarly leadership.
  • We believe in modeling the way towards creating and disseminating educational and leadership research for the purposes of professional development.
  • We exist to inspire, support, and guide the professional development of University of Phoenix faculty through scholarly leadership.
    • Potentiating the development of research and its dissemination with University of Phoenix faculty.
    • Professional development through scholarly leadership.

CLSOR provides a lens through which leadership and organization may be examined from all vantage points, utilizing the conduits of research and reporting out through major conferences, publications and innovative projects.

From the International Leadership Association (ILA) and the Qualitative Report (TQR)  to the American Psychological Association (APA), CLSOR members can be found at these and many other top tiered conferences working together with other researchers to bring to the table the latest in research concerning the wide prospects of topical matter within the field of leadership and organizational research. We welcome you to the many possibilities the center can offer.

Fellows in Residence

The Fellows in Residence role has been designed to usher in the potentials of like-minded researchers who desire to become part of the research enterprise. The Research Centers implemented the voluntary role in 2020, and has since grown the cadre of fellows who work within each center. We continue to invite those who are interested in becoming fellows to reach out to each center for more information.

Meet the fellows

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