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A custom training solution
Built For You

Work closely with our team to develop training programs and skill assessments to address the unique needs of your business and workforce.

100%-online training programs built for your business

If you’re looking for a completely customizable employee training program, where every detail is tailored specifically to meet your business’s unique needs, this is the solution for you! Work one-on-one with our entire team of learning and development professionals to create course work that can teach skills that relate directly to your business, industry and goals.

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    Customized training

    With your input, we can create 100%-original training modules and skill assessments using proprietary materials related only to your business
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    Complete support

    Experience the full support of the entire University of Phoenix professional development team from course developers to web developers
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    Enhanced reporting

    Gain access to reports and metrics that go beyond anything else offered in our other solutions to better measure the ROI on your employee training program

A scalable training solution for workforces of any size!

No matter how many employees you need to train, we can offer custom-made content to help them learn new skills.


Help your workforce learn the latest skills your industry demands

Support leadership

Make sure your leadership teams have the communication and management skills they need to help drive your business

Certificates and badging

Keep employees engaged and encouraged with digital badges and training that can help them prepare to take industry certification exams

Anyone, anywhere, anytime

Train as many employees as you need with non-college-credit, self-led courses that can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere, at any time

Create a custom employee training program!

Start the conversation today on what University of Phoenix professional development can do for your team and business.

Manage your training program in one convenient place

Through our License Management system, you can:

  • Register employees for course licenses
  • Generate self-service employee registration links
  • Monitor when employees start and complete courses
  • Purchase additional course licenses
  • Assign additional system administrators and control their level of access

Sample License Management dashboard

Experience our 100%-online platform

Try out one of our self-led, non-college-credit online courses first-hand to see what your employees can experience with University of Phoenix professional development. Plus, try out our License Management system with FIVE FREE TRIAL LICENSES you can assign to your team. Practice registering employees, monitoring their progress and even assigning additional admins.

No credit card necessary!

Create a custom employee training program!

Frequently asked questions

The difference is all about the level of customization you want from your employee training program.

  • Built For You has the most customization of the three solutions, but it will take the longest to implement because we work closely with you to create all new content for your workforce.
  • Tailored Learning combines some of our existing skill modules and assessments with new content designed with and provided by you. While this solution has less customization than the Built For You option, it can launch faster because it’s using some of our existing content.
  • Ready. Set. Learn. only uses our existing, non-college-credit courses with no customization required. While this solution doesn’t allow for any personalized content specific to your business, workforce or industry, it is the fastest way to launch an employee training program with University of Phoenix professional development. Simply explore our course catalog and purchase as many course licenses as you need (one license per course/track per employee).

If you’re ready to learn more about what University of Phoenix professional development can do for your business and workforce, schedule a conversation with our sales team today!