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Why should you pay attention to the skill gap?

52% of workers say they will need to learn new skills within the next year to continue their current job.¹ A “skill gap” occurs when your current workforce doesn’t have all the necessary skills your business needs to reach its goals. Improving your employee training programs can help address skill gaps. Download our free whitepaper, “How to identify and fill skills gaps in the workplace,” to learn how to:
  • Identify employee skill gaps
  • Perform a skill audit
  • Review self-assessments and KPIs
  • Create skill development plans
University of Phoenix professional development can help your employees learn new skills and gain specific training relevant to your unique business. Our intuitive, 100%-online platform means your employees can access self-led, non-college-credit courses from anywhere at any time. We designed our courses to help learners gain new skills in about 30 hours and several courses can help learners prepare to take industry certification exams.

¹According to The University of Phoenix Career Optimism Index™ Study 2022
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Learn how our 100%-online courses can be tailored to fit your unique needs and help your workforce learn new skills in about 30 hours.