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Learn skills that employers desire

Programs built around skills employers want

We’re eliminating the gap between the classroom and the workplace by aligning degrees and courses to skills employers want. And you’ll still get it all for fixed, affordable tuition from the University that’s committed to your career.


What are skills-aligned programs and courses?

When creating our skills-aligned programs, we started with the most in-demand skills, based on workplace statistics and insights, and built your learning around them, one assignment at a time.

This alignment is like a nutritional facts label for our degrees and programs — you know exactly what’s possible to gain from your coursework and how those skills relate to your career goals.

Career-relevant data

We collaborated with Lightcast, a labor market data company that helps colleges develop relevant programs for today’s economy. We leveraged Lightcast data to find in-demand skills for occupations related to our degrees, and we’ve aligned our programs to those skills.

Easy tracking

Now it’s easy to track your progress as you complete your coursework, so you know exactly which skills you’re gaining.

Demonstrate skills

Assessments for one or more skills are built into all skills-aligned courses. You’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate your new skills in class — and on the job or interviewing for the next one.

How skills-aligned learning works

Set your sights

See which skills you'll work on in each course you take -- and how they could help you meet your career goals.

Earn skills course by course

Complete your assignments and see which skills they align to; earn 70% or higher on assessments such as tests, presentations and projects to demonstrate you've gained a skill.

Track your progress

See which skills you've demonstrated with your coursework -- and which ones you may need to work on.

Show off your new skills

After you've gained a skill you'd like to use more at work, you can use your assessments to help show to an employer or prospective employer what you bring to the table.

Skills-aligned learning can help you succeed

Career Services for Life®

We’re committed to you.

Skills-aligned learning is just one of the ways you can be sure you’re getting a quality, career-relevant education with us.

Every active student in our degree and certificate programs receives access to all of our career services. And every graduate receives lifetime access which includes career coaching, resume reviews and other resources designed to help you get career ready.

You'll receive lifetime access to select career services
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